Tuesday, February 3, 2009

more snow


Paradis said...

Well well well, I don't know if I can beat you, but I açready say to you that I'm a warrior, like Nadal! :P

Do you play tennis often?

Paradis said...
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Paradis said...

I don't know, I love learn languages! In december I did a test of the Cambridge University called FCE (First Certificate in English) and I passed, now I'll study to do the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)in the end of the year!

I dream learning russian!

Paradis said...

I study at a private class with a british teacher, he's brilliant! I learn languages easily without studing much at home, I think because english, french and spanish are very easy (at least for me), I just need to improve the vocabulary, etc. And I watch a lot of british films!

I have "4 places of my dreams": Paris (which I already met), London, Edinburgh and Moscow, so now I must to learn russian! :P

Paradis said...

I didn't start studing russian yet, there's any russian citizen in my city, perhaps soon when I go to São Paulo or another big city.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND BRITISH PEOPLE? SHAME ON YOU! They're the creators of you language! I understand easily what people from Portugal say!

Paradis said...

Yes, in Brasil we have different accents and different expressions (my accent is very different of the accent of people from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo)!

I notice of course the difference when I watch a british film or an american film/tv, but I try always to get used to the british sound, it's so beautiful and I really want to speak like them, hahaha! =)